I went to the American Idol Concert!

I don’t know what to say about this other than….oh my goodness, it was so. much. FUN!

This was my first concert in many many years. I would say 20 years. Brian would say somewhere around 8. Either way, I was due! OVER-due!
ai concert2

Okay, so anyway, we were on the end of the third row on the side – amazing seats – only 10-15 feet from stage right. We seriously could have gone and touched each and every idol. Could have, but didn’t. No, but we definitely all had eye contact with Chris Robinson. And Sanjaya. Tanya and Martha are friends of Melinda Doolittle (my favorite by the way!) and it was exciting to see Melinda recognize them and point to them while singing.

ai concert1

I was mentally fixated for a while on Phil Stacey’s wife & family sitting a few rows behind us. The ‘wife in me’ was wondering how she handles all the new-found attention on her husband – and her! People all over were asking to have their pic taken with her. What a change, huh? Nearly overnight too. I’m not sure how I would feel about people screaming for my husbands attention. I guess I’m fortunate he’s not a rock star! Cubicles are nice.

I wondered if the people down front (the ones really going crazy) were going to start losing pieces of clothing once the concert started. Fortunately everyone there was classy and kept it on. lol….I didn’t expect any different and they weren’t that wild … it must have been all the Bon Jovi music jogging my brain to interviews I’d seen & read of (their own) wilder days. ha ha.

More pictures are forthcoming from the other girls. my camera crapped out. yes, makes me sad.


~ by hthr on July 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “I went to the American Idol Concert!”

  1. Well, I’m ALMOST jealous I wasn’t there. As much fun as being with you girls there and as much as I liked 9 of the idols, Sanjaya is just enough to make me stay away! Looks like great fun!

  2. Thank you for your description of the concert. Melinda never fails to impress, does she? She is so refined and so level-headed and so cute. I just love her.

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