I love this part of the country…

…it’s a traveling midpoint for so many of our friends & family.

This is my friend Kristi. She & I went to junior high and some of high school together in Florida. Years later, we reconnected when I was a secretary at the church she attended. We became mommies the same year and she was one of the first to come visit us in the hospital when Taylor was born. I have always admired her ease with her kids and her knack for turning frowns into smiles. She is a sweetheart of a friend and a wonderful encourager.
kristi / hthr

We were expecting her & her family to be passing through Nashville sometime this summer although we weren’t sure exactly when. She called this week and we were thrilled to get to see them again! My girls were so excited to have a sleepover with their Florida friends…Kristi and her husband Heath have 3 precious little girls….here are her two oldest and my two getting ready for the slumber part of their ‘slumber party’.
woodward/williams girls sleepover

It was the best way to kick off a weekend … five little girls playing and laughing all through the house, and the company of friends. I love it.


~ by hthr on July 7, 2007.

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