Hthr’s Favorite Things

A couple times a year, Oprah gives her favorite things away to the audience and they get so excited you might think they’d pee their pants. It’s just that good (for the audience members at least). I heard last week that Oprah is now opening her own store across the street from her tv studio, and i thought, that’s taking ‘souvenier shop’ to a whole new level! I would assume that not only the tsachskes will be there but also whatever someone is selling on the show and quite possibly her favorite things. I can’t wait to go on my long-awaited trip to Chicago and come home with an Oprah keychain to remember it. Brilliant.

Did you ever hear of a neti pot? Dr. Oz was on the show a month ago and showed what a neti pot is, how to use it and why its good for your health. When a friend of mine went out to get one 2 weeks ago, the lady said, “Ever since Oprah had them on the show, we can’t keep them on the shelves.” A neti pot? Seriously….unbelievable word of mouth. It’s been around for forever and a day but most of us were oblivious and then Oprah mentions it on her show and five hours later, every neti pot in town is sold out. (No, we don’t have one…I can’t even go underwater without holding my nose…do you think I would purposely POUR water UP IT? No thanks. I’m good.)

Anyhow, from the way she talks, I have the impression that she has a lot of house help. Life help even? And her favorite things are usually pretty cool, but for me, not always erring on the practical side of things. So I am creating a list of my favorite things mostly for women & mama’s…and tagging a few friends to come along for the ride because word of mouth is a great thing. Just ask any of the Neti Pot people.

1. Magic Shave. Goodbye razor burn. Goodbye red itchy bumps. Fare thee well lovely spa-lady with the hot wax. This is it. A miracle in a can. Follow directions very carefully and prepare to be amazed. Amazed. (You can get it at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc)

2. Buggy Bag. These aren’t as rare as they used to be but they were one of our most highly favored baby items. Absolutely worth every penny.

3. Cami tops from NY&Co. They make them with extra length for those of us with long torsos and belly’s that look like wrinkled up pugs after having children. I especially love that these tanks don’t shrink!

4. Williams Sonoma Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Products. Just trust me on this one. If you are into quality vanilla, get this. You can’t go wrong. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Paste.

5. Bactine. This stuff goes back as far as I can remember, and now I’m using it on my own kiddos. Comes in a spray and numbs the boo-boo. I use it on myself when I get a papercut so I stop crying hysterically and then I get my comfort item. A cup of coffee.

6. The Cheescake Factory Sunday Brunch. I like everything there. Last time I had the Spinach / Tomato / Bacon Eggs Benedict. Next time I am having the Crab Hash. You won’t need supper and you can walk the (Green Hills) mall afterwards. Or do like us and go play on the computers at the Apple Store and then play house at Pottery Barn Kids. We’re a fun time. Call us – we’ll meet you there after church!

7. Barefoot Dreams Robe. Okay, I digress. This was on Oprahs list a few years ago…I just couldn’t resist. Brian & I both got these for Christmas last year and i would seriously wear it all day if it were acceptable to do so. You can find them practically everywhere (you know, since Oprah mentioned them and production demand skyrocketed!). It truly is one of my very favorite things.

So what are your favorite things? If you don’t have a blog, just leave your favorites in a comment! I can’t wait to see what we come up with!
I’m tagging:
1. Kim
2. Nikki
3. Meg
4. Jean
5. Amy
6. Suzanne
7. Marianna
8. Allyssa


~ by hthr on July 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “Hthr’s Favorite Things”

  1. I did it! I hope I did it right…been a while since I blogged at all!

  2. Since I don’t have a blog I’ll leave my favorite things here for others to read.

    1. Starbucks 12oz Coffee Press. My sister in law had one when we went to Ohio this summer. I couldn’t wait to get home and scour ebay for my very own. While 12oz of coffee may not be enough for some of you 😉 It is the perfect amount for me and since fire station coffee is gross I love that I can easily take it with me each day. Oh, and it makes the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had. The container is pretty to look at too.

    2. Everyday Minerals Makeup. Apparently mineral makeup has become a new trend sweeping the world of living “naturally”. Bare Minerals has been the front runner I think but I was introduced to the company of Everyday Minerals and love them. Bare Minerals uses some chemical that makes for itchy skin in many people, EM does not. Plus, on their web site you can order a sample pack for free with only $4 shipping. Each container (there are 3 in a sample pack) is supposed to give you 3-4 days of use. But since I use the less is more theory to makeup I’ve been using one little pot of powder for over three weeks now. Well worth the $4. My skin is soft and complexion clear. The makeup doesn’t rub off on my son’s clothing and the coverage is light and natural.

    3. Wine in small individual bottles. I enjoy a good glass of wine now and then, but you won’t see me downing an entire bottle. So thank you to the people who decided to start packaging it in little single serving sized bottles. I love you.

    4. Wet to dry flat iron. I have sort of curly hair, it’s just curly enough to be a PITA to straighten. My dear friend and hair stylist Rachel used the CHI wet to dry flat iron on my hair at the salon and I was sooo glad my birthday was coming. Because at no other time would I be able to afford the hair world’s most wonderful tool. It dries and straightens your hair in one step. No more poof or frizzies like when I used a hair dryer and round brush. It was worth every penny I spent on it.

    5. Suave Professionals hair products. I’m way too cheap to spend money on expensive shampoo and conditioner so it’s a good thing that Suave has perfected knock offs in this category. They even matched the scents of the brand name products they are copying.

    6. Jergens everyday tanning lotion. While it doesn’t mimic the dark gorgeous tan of the days pre-baby, it covers the fact that my skin is a terrible color without sun exposure. And since chasing my 15 month old through the scratchy Florida grass barefoot isn’t my idea of a relaxing way to catch some rays Jergens get’s the thumbs up from me. I’ve used self tanners in the past that give you more color, but they also leave room for user error. And that’s never a good thing.

  3. I love it Allyssa! Pressed coffee is my faaaavorite!! Next time ya’ll come up here, I”ll have some wine waiting for you. It’ll be a big bottle though because I buy in bulk. lol

  4. Big Lots
    You will undoubtedly find all kinds of things that you didn’t know you needed

    Eyeshadow that doubles at eyeliner…
    It’s user friendly with staying power. I’ve got a serious malfunction when it comes to applying eyeliner, and this is so much gentler on your lid…no tugging = no wrinkles down the road. I use JANE brownie points shadow with Maybelline’s liner brush for $4.99 for a total cost of less than $10.

    Shu Uemura eyelash curler
    A little pricey at $18, and although the resulting curl isn’t a DRASTIC difference from your run-of-the-mill drugstore variety, the quality is the selling point here. The box says to purchase a new one every six months. I’ve had mine for 7 and have yet to change the pad (it comes with two) with no visible decline in results.

    The CLEARANCE section at Ann Taylor Loft
    Enough said.

    OLD NAVY Men’s Undershirts: 3/pack
    Great basic T’s! As far as I’ve seen they come in white, black, or grey, so the downside is definitely the lack of color options. But because they’re intended as men’s layering pieces, they’re cut slim and long, and have shorter sleeves than your average t-shirt. I wear one at least twice a week. The best part…they’re 2 for $10!

    No Nonsense Knee Highs
    I can’t find a link to these, but I get them at Walgreens. They’re in a pink box and you get 10 pair for, I think, around $5. They’re AWESOME for flats in fall/winter. They’re not much for warmth but they’re natural looking even up close. They last for a few hand washes and they’re cheap enough that I don’t feel bad about throwing them away when they wear out!

    Maidenform Bra’s
    Better than target, not as expensive as Victoria’s Secret, etc. J.C. Penny’s and Kohl’s both carry them and usually run a bogo ½ off sale. Ton’s of options (racer-back, front closure, strapless, padded) in nude and black…fyi, there’s no reason to own a white bra (see below).

    “Uh…don’t wear white bras! Since the dawn of the nude bra, white bras have become a needless embarrassment! White bras under black tops look bad, but white bras under white tops can look even worse; especially if they have visible lace detailing.

    Really, seamless nude and seamless black bras are all you need for everyday!”

    -Stylist Andy Paige

    Radical Middle: The Politics We Need Now by Mark Satin
    One of my very favorite books! This is one that I’ve read and re-read. I feel smarter every time I put it down. Who would have though? A political book that’s educational AND inspirational. Plus the cover is fun and attention getting…a good conversation starter…which is nice b/c there are so many ideas in this book that you’ll want to share!

    That’s all for now! I could go on and on…

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