When Friday began…

Last night BDubs & I watched (another) movie and before I shut off the light to go to sleep, I made my list of things to do for today (romantic, I know). It was an ambitious list but I was motivated to get at least half of it accomplished by 2pm today.

It’s 2:16. I’m still in my pajamas, I’ve secretly consumed half a pan of brownies and surprisingly only 1 very large cup of coffee.

When I woke up this morning, it was not to the sound of my husbands voice or the sweet hugs & kisses my girls give me, but instead to hurling, gagging noises in the bathroom that shares the wall behind my head. Yep, T was throwing up. I could pretty much toss my list aside, because I knew the day would be spent between laying in bed with my daughter and trips to the bathroom to hold her hair and wash her face. Happy Friday.

Now before you say, “Hthr, seriously, your kid is sick! It happens! Have some sympathy!” let me just explain to you that this child inparticular can play it up well. She is quite the ‘faker’ and had only eaten one bite of toast in the past 14 hours. I wondered how bad it could be? Having a suntan right now, it was hard to say that she looked ‘pale’ so I couldn’t use that as any sort of indicator. She laid in my bed and groaned and dozed on & off most of the morning and then, as if a switch had been thrown, she announced (yes – announced in a clear loud voice,) “Mommy! I’m better now! I can have a brownie!” (Who said there were any brownies in the house?) And then I thought I’d been fooled. I hope she doesn’t pull this stuff when school starts!

So I’ll chip away at my list tomorrow. Nothing on it was real pressing anyway. Theres a thunderstorm rolling around outside and my favorite place to be during one is about 5 feet away from a window curled up on a chair or couch or in bed watching it, which is exactly how I plan to spend the next hour. And then, Taylor tells me she would like to go shopping.

~ by hthr on June 29, 2007.

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