Let’s Go Outback Tonight

outback logo
Tonight I found a great thing online. It may not be completely new to the web, but I was very excited to find that my favorite restaurant Outback Steakhouse now has online takeout ordering!

It was the best ordering process I’ve experienced in a long time….there is no lengthy account signup – only your name, phone number, email & car make/model and then on to the menu. You click on the menu item you want and it has the bubbles for how you want your food cooked, your 1st & 2nd side, extra items (with the add’tl prices listed there as well) and whatever else applies to your item and it adds them at the side of the screen. No need to click on a second screen to see what you’ve ordered, how much the tab is so far, etc – the whole process occurs on one screen. Another cool thing was that each item offers you a “Special Instructions” button where it pops down a text box for you. I loved that!

I think its great that Outback has streamlined this process and hopefully other restaurants will catch on. (Carrabbas is owned by the same company as Outback but does not have this option yet). For me, there’s a pretty high frustration level in finding online menus, getting the number, calling and waiting to place the order, repeat myself twice because its too noisy on their end and then pray it’s right when I get there to pick it up. The Outback process pretty much rocked (as far as takeout processes go).

Whoops – gotta run! My Outback Takeout just arrived! (15 minutes earlier than expected!!)


~ by hthr on June 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Let’s Go Outback Tonight”

  1. I am the COO of the E-Strategic Solutions, we designed, developed and installed the online ordering system that Outback uses. We have yet to be interviewed for an article on how we accomplished this and why we are different than any other provider in our space. our office phone is 404-574-2939

  2. http://www.outback.com/curbsidetakeaway/index.aspx

  3. I went to the outback website to place an order in my area. The site said online ordering was not available. I called the store to place the order, where I also asked about ordering via the web. The manager said the system never worked properly and they are looking for another vendor to provide the service. E-Strategic did not leave a ‘good taste’ in the mouths of Outback’s management. It’s a great idea and I love Outback too. I hope Outback gets it working again soon!

  4. first time there my kids love outback can not wait to go back to eat there my no i resturant in the world..

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