let the good times…fly!

Friday night was a party for Brian & Lara (whose birthday is today & Brian’s was yesterday!) A bunch of friends gathered at a pizza place in town to celebrate. It was a great time….you can tell by the look on Brian’s face in every picture!
b&me on his 30th

b&larab is 30 but doesnt act like it

The next morning started with the breakfast of champions (or me, anyway!)…leftover birthday cake and Starbucks. What could be better? I thought nothing.
breakfast of champions

We headed up to Nashville’s Riverfront Park to check out Flugtag. It’s a contest between 30 man-designed, man-made, and man-flown machines to see which will fly the furthest. They run them off a 30 foot tarmac on the Cumberland River. It’s crazy cool!!! They can be designed as anything – the grand prize winner today was a giant banjo! There have been more than 24 Flugtags worldwide since it started in 1991 and the world record was made in Nashville today with 155 feet flown! It was packed and kind of hard to see but we got a few pictures (click on them to see them larger).

Check out the yellow sombrero (last two posted)….these guys are from UCF and the top of the hat blew off right before they took off – then in the next pic you can see the cart detaching from the rest and see the guys falling out (dont worry mom, I don’t think anyone got hurt too bad!)
flugtag2flugtag1flugtag sombrero1flugtag sombrero2

~ by hthr on June 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “let the good times…fly!”

  1. Viva la Flugtag!

  2. Oh, and happy birthday Bdub!

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