Sweet Week

So I stopped crying. I’m okay. Really! My last blogging day was a tough day, that’s all. Thanks for the “how are you’s” that weren’t “how are you?”

I wanted to share some photos of my sweet friends who came to visit this week. This is my friend Jean. If you’ve been around me much since I lived in Alpharetta Georgia in 2002-2003, no doubt I’ve dropped her name in conversation! She and I clicked from the moment we met. I just love her and the rare beauty of our friendship is that it hasn’t changed since I moved from there four years ago! The day to day conversations are less frequent, (or less about the price of bananas as I sometimes say – and more about the bigger stuff) but we have maintained an incredible friendship. There are so many things I appreciate and love about her, one of many being her ability to tell me I might be wrong from time to time. What a rare treat! hee hee! Another cool thing…Jean ‘introduced’ us to Dave Ramsey the summer of 2005 (and so a new chapter of our lives began). hthr & jean - wildhorse saloon

Taylor was 10 months old when I met Jean and I didn’t know it yet, but I was pregnant with Avery. She had just given birth to Kate and we soon discovered that our neighborhoods were right next to each other. Their son Preston was born after we moved back to Florida. He is two now and oh! is he ever precious!

We did lots of fun stuff together this week including breakfast at Puckett’s Grocery. I can’t wait to go back….I loved it… Tay @ Pucketts

Jean suggested we check out the Wildhorse Saloon downtown Nashville for some music so we loaded the kids up and met Brian down there Friday night after work. Jean parked the car and we turned around to announce that we’d arrived and saw this:sleepy kids

Taylor & Kate got out on the dancefloor and had it pretty much to themselves while the local band Belleview Suite played. I’m not much of a music critic, but I thought this band was great! Being there gave me what I might consider a mini “Nashville experience” and I loved it! Tay & Kate - Wildhorse Saloon
I laughed to myself as middle aged (and older) folks were taking pictures of themselves & their friends with the larger than life plaster (or whatever) horses. (Don’t kids do that at Disney world? It’s cute when you’re five, but 55?) Brian & Jean took the kids out when they did the line-dance lessons (I hid behind the camera) and we all found the fried pickles to be unbelievably good. They are now territory for a fierce craving (Let me clarify that I’m not pregnant, I just loved the pickles) Bri dancing w/ girls

We swam, we played, we laughed hysterically, we drank a couple gallons of coffee and talked all day, for days….it was really truly wonderful having them here this week. Avery, Kate, Preston & Tay

A few minutes after they left to go back home to Georgia, we went to the wedding of Jessica DiToro and Tim Smith. We had coached the girls on ‘no talking’ in the church and sitting quietly during the wedding – it was the first time Tay & A had been to a wedding and they were very excited. Afterwards, I took Taylor to the bathroom and she grabbed a few squares of toilet paper and wiped her eye pretty extensively. I asked her if something was wrong and she said, “No, I just was crying because the wedding was .. so beautiful!”

I wish she’d maintained that a bit longer….as Smitty & Jessica were feeding each other cannoli’s from their wedding cake, Brian’s posture changed and his face went pale as he saw Avery and Taylor near elbow deep in the water basin behind them. Mortified. That’s all I can say for him (and myself of course, although my reaction time was nil since my blood pressure had just skyrocketed.) It ended quickly. Somehow, children know to sneak a peek at their mother when they’re doing something wrong. Our eyes tracked for about 8 feet as she backed away and sat down ever so slowly. Here is a picture of Avery with Jessica. She was mesmerized by her. (Taylor was still in a funk from getting in trouble over the fountain ordeal, so she wasn’t up to having her pic taken)

Congrats Smitty & Jessica!!!
A & Jessica DiToro Smith

~ by hthr on June 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sweet Week”

  1. i love how you tell stories with pictures! i LOVE the picture of the kids sleeping in the van – so funny, esp. A. :p And don’t forget how Tay really took you seriously about the “no talking rule” at the wedding b/c she wouldn’t even talk to me at first!

  2. […] likes to make a game out of it with himself and at least TRY to keep a surprise. Like, say, that my friend Jean from Atlanta was driving here to surprise me for my bday. He couldn’t keep that one either. She was most […]

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