Why I love MySpace

My husband Brian created a MySpace profile for himself while we were on vacation in Florida last Thanksgiving. I remember being mad at him – he was completely absorbed in finding friends and it was all I could do to tear him away from it. Then he found his friend Rick, and within hours they were ‘back together again’ after a few years of moving around and losing touch. I thought it was pretty great that he had reconnected with Rick. I was curious – who else was on myspace? Anyone I might know? I started navigating the website and found a ton of friends, current and ‘long lost’ and of course, had to create a profile of my own to create another distraction in my day.

One of the first people I went hunting for was my friend Sonia who I grew up with until we moved in 1991. She and I were the best of friends. We kept in touch – which was hard back in the early 90’s you know – no email, no texting…we didn’t even have a computer until 1994 – just the old fashioned paper, envelope & stamp and we managed to keep in touch pretty well! The last time I saw her was in 1998 (pic below), a couple weeks after I’d met Brian. She moved to Japan a couple years later and we lost touch. As I started my trek on myspace I made many attempts to find her and have continued to do so.

This last week I had a friend request and when I saw the picture, I squealed. LOUD. My mom came running, probably thinking I’d cut my hand off or something….it was her!! We talked on the phone a few days later for quite a while and it was just … so awesome. It was like, filling someone in on the past 8 or so years of your life, but picking right up where you left off. Of the many people I’ve been blessed to have in my life, Sonia was one of the ones closest to me, and now I feel like I’ve ‘got her back’! It’s a great thing. As though, part of me that was my past, is my present again. Only better this time, because she comes with a hubby & sweet baby to learn about too, and fortunately for me, I won’t have to travel across the world to see her again.

hthr.sonia 1998


~ by hthr on June 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Why I love MySpace”

  1. That’s cool that you found your pals on myspace. That’s one of the best things it’s for. I had a myspace for 3 days, but I went nuts and cancelled it. I had an ex-boyfriend and everyone was telling me to ask him to be my “friend,” so he accepted, but then everyone freaked out and then I got confused and freaked out when he didn’t put me in this “Top 8” category, whatever this means. After all that unnecessary stress, I decided, the hell with it. It’s not for me. But I’m glad you’re loving it.

  2. And you thought it would be a big waste of time. I’m really pumped you found Sonia. You’re doing great blogging! Keep it up!

  3. If you love MySpace you will love ClutterMe.com, when we release, it’s going to be just as amazing and even easier to use than MySpace.

    ClutterMe.com founder

  4. […] blogged in the past about how I love myspace for having reconnected me and my childhood friend Sonia. Before we left town to head home, we met up for lunch with her and her beautiful one year old […]

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