Finding “Our Place”

Tomight, my parents and I went out to dinner at Dotson’s Restaurant in Franklin. The idea came to me with cravings for fried chicken and thoughts of great conversations I’d had recently with Caroline & Tyler Andrews on the subject. Actually, he had photographed one of their pies and I thought it was truly one of the most beautiful pies I’d ever laid eyes on, so if the chicken was as incredible as they said and the pie as good as it looked, I thought I might have a new place to frequent!

As we were sitting there, I noticed that a majority of the restaurant patrons were older. I think I can safely say that many of them were aged seventy and older and most were couples. Many seemed so comfortable there – knew the waitresses, the menu, the surroundings – and seemed to feel right at home.

Brian and I don’t get many ‘date nights’ for just the two of us, but as we are still getting to know the greater Franklin area and on into Nashville a bit, we are keeping our eyes and taste buds out for a place to call “our place”. It would be a restaurant, a pub, a little cafe – with food we love, an environment we could relax in and enjoy but most of all a place we just love to go to talk, eat, and make friends. What can I say? I grew up watching “Cheers” every week! “Sometimes you wanna go, Where everybody knows your naaaame…..” (Are you singing it yet?)

Do you have a “place” with your spouse or significant other that you love to go to? What makes it stand out from the rest for you?

~ by hthr on June 7, 2007.

One Response to “Finding “Our Place””

  1. Well, my significant other (soon to be spouse) and I don’t have “our place” yet, but me and my boys do – Sam’s Sports Bar and Grille in Hillsboro Village!

    For years now dating back to the college days, about 10 of us call Sam’s home. Everything from watching the big games on Saturdays (the bar is always packed, so that usually ends up with loud cheering and hugging other fans of your team you don’t know), to Tuesday night guy’s night, to the occassional late night call from a buddy “Hey man, can we go grab a beer?” because he’s got something serious to talk about.

    We know the name of everyone there and they know ours. Even Sam himself told a friend of mine once, “I really appreciate you putting my daughter through private school.” It was funny at first, but after we thought about for a minute…have we really drank that many brews? 😉

    Check it out here:
    On 21st Avenue near the Vanderbilt Campus.

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