Birthday Highlights

When I was a kid my birthday was, aside from Christmas, the most highly anticipated day of the year. I knew that when I woke up on my birthday morning, my place at the breakfast table would have a carefully placed setting of beautifully wrapped gifts. It was exciting to go to sleep the night before, just to wake up on my birthday! This is my mom and I on my first…I think she said I was directing the birthday song.
hthr 1st bday

The year I turned 10, my mom stayed up nearly all the night before the big day sewing a new dress for me. When I woke up, there it was! I wore a uniform to school back then, but I had earned a “No Uniform” pass which I saved for my birthday…I was so excited!

I celebrated my 15th Birthday the week my mom married my (step) dad Bob. The cool thing that changed for me that year was that I then got to share my birthday with him! He always jokes and tells people, “We have the same birthday! Different years though.”

Turning 18 was quite an adventure – for all of us! I think my mom and dad were really wondering if I would cash in my “I’m legally an adult now” chips. But I went pretty easy on them. Two days after my 18th, I graduated high school….life could not have been more exciting!

This year, I was ‘another year older’….funny….I remember as a kid telling people I was “7 and a 1/2” (or whatever) so they knew I was closer to 8 than 7! My oldest daughter Taylor was so excited about my birthday she could hardly wait for it. It made me smile from within and want to fully embrace the day – even if just to play along with her enthusiasm. My mom made a special cake that has been one of my favorites all my life….it’s a lemon chiffon cake with pineapple & whipped cream frosting. It’s so awesome….the frosting bowl was nearly clean when we were done with it! We’ve celebrated many birthdays with this cake and I was excited for Brian and our girls to have it for the first time. It was ‘brighter’ this year than ever before…dad turned 65 and the girls helped him blow out the candles. He and mom drove up this week from Florida to celebrate and we had a really good, laid back day. My favorite kind.

bday w mom & dadbday me & b

~ by hthr on June 7, 2007.

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