Do the Math!

This will be short, but passionate.

I was in a clothing store at the mall tonight where a sign advertised “additional 40% off redlines”. Awesome, I thought! I grabbed up a shirt and headed to the checkout. Here’s how the scenario looks:

Original Price: $34.50
RED Handwritten Price: $14.99
My Quick Math Estimate with Discount: $9.00
What rang up at the Checkout: $13.02

Math was not a strongpoint for me in school, but I can figure a 40% discount and usually be within a dollar or so. I told the girl that that “didn’t sound like it rang up 40% off” and she looked at me and said yes it did. I politely disagreed and explained that it should be closer to $9 than $13.

Seriously – she stood on the phone and then tried to write out the math on a scrap piece of paper for 3 minutes before telling me I was right! As I stood there, I was mad because the same thing happened to me in the same store 2 weeks ago (same sign & all) and the girl kind of embarrassed me because I was questioning the price so I just let it go. Now I realize I was right and although $4 isn’t a big deal, it is bugging me! What’s up with their computers? And why can’t the salesgirl do basic math?

Just watch how your stuff rings up people. You might find some pricey oversights from time to time – bigger than $4 if you aren’t paying attention!


~ by hthr on June 1, 2007.

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