Routine Renewal

We are attempting something not done in many years at our house. This week, Brian & I have chosen to turn off the television and use that time to organize some things and accomplish projects around the house as well as just sit and reconnect and communicate beyond our everyday banter, minus the usual distractions of TV, phone, and computer!

Brian and I desire to have a highly functioning household. Organized. Fluid. Planned but flexible. It really isn’t anything fancy. We just want to know where the keys are and what’s for dinner! A lot of this falls on me aspiring to be the domestic goddess my husband fuzzily thinks I am. So we have some goals here. Goals that we hope will be the grease in the squeaky wheel that gets this family rollin again. I’m sure most of this is all second nature to every other human, but if you read my ‘about me’ page, then you know this blog functions highly as a communicative tool for BDubs & me. Here we go – lets do this:

1. Reduce Paper. Yes – this is a huge problem for us. Huge as in HUGE problem. I bet I have mail flyers for oil change discounts from 2004. I will to learn to release printed text to the garbage can. This includes ripping out magazine articles of interest as I read them the FIRST time rather than hoping to find it again someday. I will also start opening mail. Yes, I said open it. Not just put it somewhere but actually read it too.

2. Go to bed only after the kitchen sink is clean. This is really the only tip I picked up from FlyLady – probably because it was the first one, and I lost interest quickly after committing to an email a day. Which leads to another factor that slows me, and my hard drive – not deleting emails! I just dumped over 10,000 emails off my drive! That felt good! I can’t believe I don’t miss a thing!

3. Create a daily routine. Yes, this part feels a little more like being in the 5th grade, but sometimes just setting a guideline is a big help – and in contrast to that of my 5th grade teacher telling me what to do, this is merely a suggestion from myself to myself. I won’t bore you with the details, but they are written as a reminder for me elsewhere.

4. Have a bedtime. My eyes could be burning and my head doing the bob and somehow, i still can’t consciously find the will power or strength to push the power button on the tv remote. (This is where BDubs will say, “That’s why we need a tv in our bedroom!” to which I politely stare at him for a moment before continuing what I was doing in the first place). Somehow, I can have the best of intentions to have my head hit the pillow by 11pm and it will be another two hours before it happens. I get distracted. I get lost online reading or shopping or … blogging! But I need sleep. This is really about self-discipline.

5. Lastly, I want to look for quiet moments in my day. From the moment the alarm goes off until nearly the time my head hits the pillow at the other end of the day, there is constant noise of some sort. Whether it’s background noise or it’s full on happening in my face, the TV, radio, phone, email, and my sweet children’s voices are a constant. But I’ve noticed – in those rare times – that silence – true quiet moments can really help me recharge. They may not last long, but I need to willingly turn off the noise to get someplace quiet and really take in the moment. I need more of those. I have to actively seek them out and not just when my head hits the pillow, but when the sun is out in all its shining glory and I find a quiet spot in my little piece of the planet to refocus. And after I do, I’ll be ready to fire up the laundry machines again.


~ by hthr on May 31, 2007.

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