Good Long Weekend

mem day - girls on swing

What a great Memorial Day weekend….it started with Brian letting me sleep in on Saturday morning. Gotta love that! Then, coffee, espresso….and so the weekend began! We picnic’d everyday with neighbors, friends and church family – which I absolutely loved. Brian graciously let me nap a few hours one afternoon – a rare treat! Somehow, a nap just isn’t that restful when you are subconsciously listening for doors, crying, television or any other wide range of noises signaling a need for your blurry eyed attention. I love to take a nap when I know I am not solely responsible for the kiddos!

Sunday night Brian took us out to eat and then on the way home, I ran into PF Changs and picked up this rockin piece of chocolate heaven. Thanks to Chris at PourOut for naming me the winner of his fortune cookie saying contest! Now my chocolate cake dreams have come true (and I can get another next time the mood strikes!)

When we pulled in the driveway at the end of our long weekend, the car didn’t stop at the driveway…it went all the way into the garage! Yeah baby! If you’ve seen our garage (or any of our past garages for that matter) you know we had our work cut out for us to get that thing in there! Generally, our garage is a storage unit for stuff we don’t want to deal with, but we worked hard most of the day Monday and I am so excited to have a roof over the car now! Yes – one car. Let’s not get crazy or anything. I got it washed today so I could proudly pull my clean car into my semi-clean garage in hopes of keeping it that way by avoiding the birds in the neighborhood who favor the tree that shades our driveway! (If you park on the street when you come over, I’ll know you read this!)

It was a great weekend, and it made me look forward to what the week had waiting for us!


~ by hthr on May 30, 2007.

One Response to “Good Long Weekend”

  1. GREAT picture! Rock on girl with the cleaned up garage – music to my ears!!

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