Color Wonder

This photo made my heart race when I first saw it. The color of the sky and the hillside immediately took me to my basement in Lansing Illinois, 1985-ish, doing watercolors at my little wooden hinge-topped desk in the basement. Painting was what I lived for as a preschooler. I don’t know how my mom ever managed to part ways with so many works of art!

I find it fascinating that a color would jog my memory like it did the first time I saw this photo! I stared for a good little bit as memories of being an art loving kid raced back to mind. Then I scrolled down and saw all the photoshopping that had been done to it. Yes, that’s what Photoshop was made for – but in the moment, my heart sank. I felt disappointed and maybe even cheated a bit at the manufactured quality of the image. It didn’t linger long though. I chose to disregard those emotions and smile as a portion of my childhood that I hadn’t given thought to in many years was brought back to mind very simply but vividly – by a color.

~ by hthr on May 30, 2007.

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