Summer KickOff Weekend

I’m exhausted. I’m sunburned. I have had so much fun this weekend!

Saturday was the Lampo Picnic at Nashville Shores waterpark. It was another perfect day! (So perfect in fact, I forgot that i could still get a sunburn on a day like that!) Lampo provided an awesome picnic for their employees and their families and we had a blast! The girls had never been in a pool other than their Nana and Papa’s in Florida, so this was a new experience and they loved (almost) every minute of it. Avery isn’t much on getting her face wet, but she got over it pretty quick! Maybe bathtime will be a bit less dramatic from now on? On the way home, Taylor announced from the back seat, “I talked to Dave Ramsey today. I told him, ‘Sometimes when I’m supposed to take a nap, I listen to The Dave Ramsey Show on the radio.'” That’s our girl!


yellow slide nashville shorestay in poolbri&hthr

Sunday we went back up to Nashville for the Luis Palau CityFest. The girls had heard on the radio that ‘Bob & Larry’ the VeggiTales were going to be there, so we figured we should make the effort for them to realize their preschool rockstar dreams and hug or shake hands with the real deal. It was as I had figured: they didn’t talk to them. All the build up, and then nothing. Of course, I think I might be sort of speechless if I were looking at a cucumber three times my height or a tomato as big around as my kitchen table. (I never know where to look when I see those characters in suits. Do you talk to them? Are they laughing at you?) Regardless, they were satisfied which meant we were too! Mission Accomplished.
avery & bob tomato

~ by hthr on May 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Summer KickOff Weekend”

  1. We had SO MUCH FUN Saturday, McKinley and I in particular hated to leave. She threw a fit on the outside, and I on the inside. I forgot Chris had to run down to the big downtown event and check on an advertiser. We got home and us two girls crashed. I LOVED “the Shores” though – too bad it’s so pricey, would make a great playdate day! I’m a sucker for waterparks!

  2. […] I can just refer you back to last year’s post about Nashville Shores and how awesome it was (& still is!) The only thing different is […]

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