the stuff dreams are made of

Today, my friend Jen and I took our girls to the park for a picnic and to play a while. The weather today is so perfect that if I described to you my perfect ‘weather’ day, I would tell you ‘this is it‘. Absolutely a dream. Actually, I think the weather in all my dreams is just like today. I can’t remember waking up thinking, “Wow! That dream would have been perfect if it hadn’t been so cold!” No. This is dream-weather. Weather that makes me feel like a kid again! Seventy-ish, breezy, sunny but not hot. Yes – I am blogging on the patio today under the bamboo shade. And I’m wondering if just maybe I should wake up the girls so we can go back out to play. Nothing really makes me feel like a kid again like hanging with my own kids and soaking up their laughter. Watch a child laugh. It’s very genuine, start to finish. They get lost in it. And if their eyes stay open they just sparkle and dance from within. It’s a beautiful thing.

tire swing at pinkerton


~ by hthr on May 18, 2007.

One Response to “the stuff dreams are made of”

  1. Heather, this photo is fantastic! Just curious, what were your camera settings?

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