Childrens Photography: silliness not optional

I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. My father, who died when I was a kid, would set up a slide projector and show me slides of his travels through Europe and I used to think how great it was that I could really imagine where he was and have a visual on the stories he would tell me. So he helped me fall in love with the idea of photography. My (step) dad Bob, taught me about the mechanics of taking a great picture. Brian took it a step further when we entered the world of digital. He taught me about Photoshop and the fun tools in there. I don’t like airbrushing our daughters faces and we do not bump up the blue in their eyes or pink in their lips just to get a great looking shot. It just doesnt seem right to do that on a child.

When Taylor was 3 months old, Brian bought our first digital camera. I was taking so many pictures, the Wal*Store photo guy knew me by name and Brian thought we would save a lot of money by taking the plunge to go digital. Going digital helped me to take chances and try new things with photography. I wasn’t afraid of making a mistake. I just took 10. or 100. sometimes 300 if I wanted to. However many it took until I was happy with the shot or had figured out what I wanted to by trial and error. My photos are still more about the composition than the mechanics, but I hope to start experimenting a bit more with the camera this summer. I’m craving working on a creative skill with a technical side. I think this is it.

Taylor is generally happy to have her picture taken. Avery on the otherhand….what a challenge! Even to get her to look at the camera is like pulling teeth! I can not resist posting these candid shots. I was snapping away while Brian was being silly to help Avery laugh and relax. It’s so much easier with Brian around….and this was just too funny not to document it…


This is Avery telling Taylor, “look at the camera!” I know it’s out of focus but I was laughing so hard!
ATW ‘look at the camera’

Here’s what I got…


~ by hthr on May 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Childrens Photography: silliness not optional”

  1. Beautiful girls. Brian’s kind of cute too.

  2. Look at them creative juices! You’ve got a knack for the lens girl! The out of focus-ness of the one shot makes it look even better in my opinion.

    Sorry, but I can’t go as far as Chris on Brian looking cute though.

  3. LOVE the photo of Taylor. The one of Avery is nice too. You still got it, girl!

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