A ballet kind of day

Today our little girlies had their first ballet recital! Brian and I were so excited to see them up on stage. I really wondered what would happen once they got up there! Would they remember their dance? Would they feel nervous seeing the audience? They did awesome!! I didn’t really get any pictures of it…it was a moment I needed to capture in my heart and not on my camera. But here’s what I do have (click on the picture to see it larger)….Tay and Avery before the recital and at right with their friends Abbey and Sydney who surprised them and came to the recital to see them dance.
tay & A recitalabb syd tay a - recital

In the picture with the girls and me, is my sweet friend Jen and her daughter Averi.
Averi, Avery and Taylor were all in the same class and I feel so blessed to have formed a friendship with Jen while our girls were in class together. Last fall I asked the Lord to send us a special friend and after I got to know her a bit I knew my prayer had been answered.
thorne williams

After all the excitement of the day, we headed out to go ‘Duck Pin’ bowling at the bowling alley. The girls had never been before…and they had a ton of fun! Taylor’s first roll she got a STRIKE!!! You can see the progression of the roll in the four thumbnail photos below. She was off to a great start!

~ by hthr on May 5, 2007.

One Response to “A ballet kind of day”

  1. GREAT day! Can’t beat girls dance recitals…I still remember mine when I was about that age.

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