Kindergarten Registration Day

Well I did it without crying. [Almost anyway] Today, Brian and I took Taylor to her new school to register for Kindergarten! She has been so excited about it and I think she was secretly hoping she’d get to stay all day. They took us on a little tour of the school and we went in a K class to see what it was like. They were working on their lowercase alphabet. I told Brian on the way home that I thought Taylor was way ahead of that and he basically told me to chill out. The secretary gave us a quite a few papers, one on which she pointed out that the school day goes from 8:30 – 3:30. That was news to me. I looked at her and said in my I’m-still-processing-this sort of way, “That’s a long day…” [cue the tears]. I must have said it more like a question than a statement, as if it were optional that she stay all day. She smiled at me and truly looked sympathetic. I didnt let the tears fall, but they were right there. Tay & Hthr 070427

I’ve had a bit of apprehension about releasing her to the world of ‘school’ even though it’s quite obviously part of growing up. Maybe it’s because I have so many friends who have (sucessfully!) homeschooled their children. I don’t feel pressured by that, as if I should do it too…my wonderment is rooted more or less in that someone else is now caring for and educating my child for 7 hours of the day. He/She will be the one that tends to her questions, feeds her curiosity, and hopefully bolsters her own natural enthusiasm for learning and for life…at least for those 7 hours. As parents, it has been and is our responsibility to lay a foundation for such. I pray that her teacher will connect with the class and make learning a wonderful experience. One where they crave to know more and ultimately will enjoy a lifetime of it. Yes, I know, we’re only talking about Kindergarten…I also fear the playground and the loss of sweet baby teeth before their time… but after being there today, I just felt like she would be right at home.

Here’s a pic of Taylor at the school. She looks a little overwhelmed but once the lady took us around and explained things, she totally loosened up.tay at k-reg

So, after our tour of Elementary School, we stopped off at Starbucks, and headed out to the girls last day of ballet class at the Spring Hill Arts Center. The girls have love being together in the same class all year. Their teacher Chelsea Howell has such a heart for teaching and the girls are drawn to her and her love of dance. Next weekend is their year-end recital. I’m not sure who is more excited…US to SEE them dance or Tay and Avery TO dance on the “big stage”! I’ll be sure to follow up on it…here’s a pic of their class (minus 2 little ballerinas who were out today) girls ballet class


~ by hthr on April 27, 2007.

One Response to “Kindergarten Registration Day”

  1. Those perfect round cheeks and big glassy blue eyes remind me of my own sweet McKinley and this journey we’ll be on together in about 3 more years. I can’t bear to even think about it!!!! Boo-hoo!

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