Today, I took a risk.

It wasn’t easy to step outside my comfort zone, uncertain of what answer or response might lie ahead. I took the chance and held my breath (quite literally) while I waited for the reply. I hadn’t planned to do it…it just happened. And then for a moment, I wished I hadn’t.

Today, I asked a friend to tell me how they perceived me. Who it is that they see “Heather” as. Not my short hair and wirey frame. Not a generic “good mom, nice wife” kind of answer. No, I wanted to know when they pictured me for more than the obvious….what is their non-surface impression. I really wanted to know if I am portraying an accurate ‘me’ to the people around me. The answer was amazingly accurate. I breathed a sigh of relief and cracked a small smile.

For many years, I have wanted to ask this question but always held back. Perhaps, afraid of the reply or just not ready to process the answer in case it was more than I bargained for. Theres always a big risk when you make yourself vulnerable. I suspect that many people walk around everyday wondering what other people think of them. Some might worry if they are casting the ‘right impression’, whether it is authentically ‘them’ or not. Or maybe its just me and everyone else has it figured out, or simply doesn’t wonder. I sort of doubt it though. That’s why today, I just had to ask.

God made me the way I am, quirks and all, and I’m gradually accepting some and attempting to alter or eliminate others with which I have that choice. This blog will probably end up being a potpourri of various topics and levels of transparency. But it comes from me. I’m a quick thinker. A wondering one. Full of curiosity about the world around me and how it works. Aiming to be a better wife, a better mother, daughter and friend. I prefer to cut to the chase. I’m always seeking new ideas and perspectives. I love deeply and dream big. I’m just me. Heather.


~ by hthr on April 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Today, I took a risk.”

  1. Wow! Great post. I’m totally doing this today. Scary? Sure, but so worth it for what you learned.

  2. great post. it’s great to have people in your life that will be honest with you regarding stuff like this.

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