What’s it worth?

Tonight as I checked my email, I caught an “Item Not Won” notification from eBay. I was outbid and didn’t win an item. No big deal. Something I like about these emails is that at the bottom they show ‘similar’ items currently listed. Tonight, as I was reaching for the delete key, one of the few pictures caught my eye and I went back to it. It was not so much the item as the price that grabbed my attention:
ebay auction top

ebay auction Shipping Discount
Now I love to find a good bargain and I think I understand the theory of supply and demand fairly well. Its just that this auction seemed to really take it a bit far. In case you didn’t catch it, this picture frame is on ebay express for $95. $95 people! Plus shipping – and then when I scrolled down in the auction, I was even more shocked to see that the “$1 combined shipping discount” did not apply if you purchased the second frame! I mean come on…what makes this pink pottery barn frame so darn special that you could ask $95 for it in the first place (much less hold an extra dollar on shipping for buying a second one!?)

I don’t understand how people estimate the value of their stuff. The demand may be high and the supply nearly diminished on this frame, but – really – isnt this a bit extreme? I saw an ad from The Smile Train yesterday that stated that $250 would pay for the surgery to fix a cleft palate for one child in another country. I can only imagine the difference it would make for that one child…for the cost of this sellers two picture frames, shipping, and, say a pizza for dinner.


~ by hthr on April 21, 2007.

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