Here I Go

Blogging is not an entirely new concept to me….just one I’m out of practice on. My mind spins at 100 mph all the time, and I rarely slow down to take notes, journal, or even just reflect. Blogging is one way to make an attempt at doing so. My hubby Brian (B-Dubs) encouraged me to start it up. If nothing else, its a great way for he and I to communicate!

What is ‘highly caffeinated’ (my blog title) you ask? ME at the moment…B took me to Starbucks at 9:30 this evening and somehow, as the word ‘decaf’ was about to exit my mouth as I ordered, I retracted it.

Regardless, I wanted to kick off my new blog with an introduction of our little family! The photo below is us on Easter Sunday, 2 weeks ago. My husband Brian is holding our daughter Taylor who is 5, and I am holding Avery – she just turned 4. They are precious girls and I am blessed to stay home with them each day. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more about us in forthcoming blogs, many of which may be published late at night since that is when it is quietest around here…like now….at 2am. Yes, I am a night owl, even without the Starbucks!

Williams Family Easter 2007


~ by hthr on April 21, 2007.

One Response to “Here I Go”

  1. I’m so pumped to see you back in the saddle so-to-speak. You are a great writer, and have an ability to say things in a way I could never pull off. You’re so awesome! That’s a great lookin’ family too! 😉

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