Into the Sunset

So many times in my head I visualized what it would be like to see the bimmer be driven away with its new owner. And a little over a week ago, I had that moment! As she turned the corner, I thought, “What if she circles the building and comes back and says, ‘I changed my mind, I want my money back’?” Of course she didn’t and we were so excited at the way the Lord took care of every detail. That afternoon, Brian left for Dallas for a couple days, and was able to have his flight changed to fly to florida instead of back home to Nashville. Then he got the new car in Florida and drove home Sunday! Perfection! I am reminded yet again of the Lords PERFECT Timing.

Friday night, while B was away on his trip, I took the girls out for pizza & pretzels and on the way home, decided to drive through a neighborhood we really like. As I was headed down the first street, I came upon a house that I had really been attracted to last year when it was for sale. Ours was still on the market in Florida, so we were not looking to buy, but anyhow, the house that I had liked so much last year….had a FOR RENT sign in the yard. I laughed out loud and then welled up with tears. It felt surreal. It felt like a gift.
tn house 2
And so, we move in in 2 weeks. Oh, and you might ask about the walls? They are grey. But…they will be home. Warm and filled with love. HOME.


~ by hthr on March 6, 2007.

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