Trusting the Timing

3 years. off and on for 3 years we have had Brian’s BMW for sale. Never a taker. I’ve often wondered why. probably ‘more’ than ‘often’ is the reality of it.

The car has represented a great many things over the past 4+ years we’ve owned it. First it was that a 25 year old creative director was toolin around town in his very own bmw. one that he, in fact, had purchased off the showroom floor one day. It was a matter of a logo on a hood & trunk. it was imaginary status. keyword: imaginary. but it was a fun ride, sunroof open, breeze, sun, sunset, over the hills, breeze in your hair, music loud…it felt right. whatever right felt like.

Then, we went completely broke. you know how you hear about people who drive nice cars and have fancy houses and yet they are broke? that was us. we couldnt afford to get a chicken for dinner one night. we had formula for the baby, we had bananas, oatmeal & bread. but seriously, we could not afford our next trip to Publix Grocers. Then we were the ones who drove the BMW and lived with mom & dad. Dont get me wrong – we were grateful they took us in. Its the falicy of it all. what it seemed is not what it was.

When we started taking Financial Peace University we knew it was time for the car to go. A sign went in it again and no such luck. Drat. Nothing. We continued making ridiculous payments.

Finally we owned the car. It was paid for at last! man that felt good! Brian said it drove better. I was so tired of it I could hardly stand it. Four years of payments and i didnt even like the thing anymore. It didnt drive the way I remembered (it did really – it was more of a mental thing I realized). Well, we’ve had it for sale for 2 months. Many inquiries, but you know when something is getting older, it needs more attention, thats how i feel about the car now. A few things here & there need a tune up, a replacement, whatever. its not what it was that day on the showroom floor.

I’ve been wondering how long it will take to sell this car. we really wanted to get completely out of debt this year and we thought selling the car would be a great stride towards that. we’re almost there! we see the light at the end of the unbelievably long tunnel!

We’ve had many calls & emails and a few drivers this past month. But today, a lady called and really felt like she wanted the car, even though she hadnt seen it. She expressed that she went to church and felt that this was the Lord bringing it back to her mind and she just had to call to see if we still had it. She made an offer over the phone which I was happy to accept.

It occurred to me after talked to her that I would like the girls to pray with me about the car selling. The kids dont usually know what is going on behind the scenes at home, so I explained to Taylor & Avery that Daddy wants to sell his car to get another one, and that Jesus promises in the Bible that he listens to the prayers of children, so would they please pray with mommy and ask Jesus to sell daddy’s car? Avery wanted to play with her happy meal toy, and I guess that was okay since mommy had not exactly curtsied to her every request thus far in the day. But Taylor wanted to and so I got on my knees, and Tay layed on the couch. She held my hands and prayed. It was perfect. simple. heartfelt. The way I guess i’ve been wishing my heart could speak. Then she said, ‘ok mommy, your turn to pray’. I did and then I hugged her and thanked her for praying with me.

A few hours later, the woman called back and moved forward on buying the car. Brian & I are so excited! After all these years of wondering and wishing! Taylor came down after she heard us whooping it up down here. She came to me and got right in front of my face. I said, ‘Taylor, something wonderful has happened! Jesus answered your prayers! A lady just called and bought daddy’s car like you asked him to do!’ she smiled so big and threw her arms around my neck. and it occurred to me, that if this is why we had to wait to sell the car – a couple years of payments later, interest, aggravation, memories of Alpharetta and why we bought the car in the first place….all of that….if it was all to help my daughter SEE firsthand how we can pray and He will answer….I will accept it with overwhelming joy in my heart, because Taylor has witnessed an answer to HER prayers.

This is something I will not forget. As hard as it has been for me to pray lately, my child – with simple honest words – has had her prayer answered, and I realize that mine need only be as such. simple. honest. from the heart. I know I will be shedding quite a few tears of joy as well as relief and repentance tonight as I lay down to go to sleep.


~ by hthr on February 19, 2007.

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