Today is the day that we have long awaited. The closing of our house in Florida!! IT IS SOLD!! I cannot express the relief we feel to have this part of our move completed.

The 6 months since we moved here have been one of waiting and of learning. Of course, that is a continual process, not one that clicks immediately. I am sure that in the next year we will continue to see good that came of our wait & see & learn & experience. But, for now, I can share these things with you, that Brian & I have gotten a good grasp of in the interim.

1) Nothing is Guaranteed. This stems from the obvious show that Real Estate is a gamble, but truly it applies across the board.

2) Anger, Regret and Fear will not make for a pleasant wait. There’s just no use for those things at our house or in our minds. When you have faith, you have to omit those things from your conscience and just trust.

3) Beans and Rice are not that bad.

4) Waiting is not that bad either. When you have no control, you are prompted to do some soul searching. You take the time to reflect on things – even the things you dont want to revisit. In an effort to understand and while seeking the Lord’s favor, you do just that – you seek forgiveness, reconciliation and an attempt at a better understanding of just Who God is.

5) There is a big picture. We won’t know the answer to many of our ‘why questions’ until we pass into the next realm someday, but there IS a big picture. This time period of having the house listed is just a 3×5 on the canvas of the universe. Not much time. Really, ultimately, just a breath.


~ by hthr on September 18, 2006.

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