Roller Coasters R Us

The past week has been one of quick turning highs & lows. It seemed like every few hours, there was a peak or low. But, as soon as something bad would happen, it was as though the Lord was right there, providing comfort, encouragement, or someONE to help, someWAY to help. By the end of the week, when something discouraging would happen, I found myself in anticipation of what good the Lord had waiting for us within the next hours or days.

Thursday night I was over at a friends and I summarized my week by simply saying it “felt like an extreme roller coaster. I kept clinging to the promise that God would not give us more than we could handle.” And then, sort of paused, and said, “I guess maybe thats how God shows us that we are capable of more”. It didn’t sound profound, but to me it was. That was it….I am capable of more! The Lord has more for me! It hurt….it felt like all I could handle….because I am growing! I AM CAPABLE WITH HIM! HE thinks. No. He KNOWS I CAN do this through Him!

In the following couple days of processing this simple, yet for me striking statement, I realized that while I’ve been handling this whole house thing….just praying, waiting, hoping & trusting, God is doing things inside me. I’m going from TRUSTING His timing to APPRECIATING it. Am I happy our house hasn’t sold? No. Not really. But, if I think about it, I can see that had our house sold early on, I would not have arrived at my realization of late. Certainly, I may’s possible. But truly, not likely. In a cool kind of way, the Lord is soothing my feelings of inadequacy & criticism, by telling me, “YOU are CAPABLE with ME!”

We may be doing all we can to sell the house…but 95k later…it feels priceless. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. It has become part of my story. One of reliance on the Lord and His goodness. His timing & His teaching in my mixed up world.


~ by hthr on July 31, 2006.

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