Possible Perspective on Why. Why Not?

I got this in my email today…it is definitely worth sharing. It is from Dave Foster’s blog, “The Dave Rave” and came such an appropriate time for me. i love how God does that for us…in his blog, Dave talks about how all of us have trouble, pain, hardships – it obviously can’t be avoided. But how we can, as he writes, “turn it into something positive – to let it be like a trigger of a starting gun, signaling the start of brand new race worth running…”

1. Trouble will trigger my faith in God’s promise to never
leave me nor forsake me.

2. Trouble will trigger my ability to look inside of me and
see what needs to be changed, strengthened, confessed, or
abandoned all together.

3. Trouble will trigger my God-given creativity. I will
prayerfully and creatively recast the trouble into an opportunity
for change, redirection, confession, collaboration, and personal growth.

4. Trouble will trigger my power of choice, knowing that I
am always in control of how and when I respond to whatever
happens to me.

5. Trouble will trigger my joy, knowing that the power to
prevail in the face of adversity is the key ingredient that
separates the winners from the losers.

6. Trouble will trigger my ability to seize this moment as the
right time to transition to the next level of thinking, being, and doing.

7. Trouble will trigger my network of trusted advisors.
I will increase my creative abilities by using the collective brain
trust that is available to me through those people I trust and
invest in on a regular basis.

8. Trouble will trigger my attitude of abundance knowing
that the death of one thing always means the birth of something better.

9. Trouble will trigger my attitude of gratitude to God for all
that I enjoy as a gift from His hand to me. I will remember that
everything I have is only on loan and my responsibility is to enjoy
it daily and use it wisely.

10. Trouble will trigger my unshakable trust in God’s plans
for my future.

I felt kind of bad after my last couple blogs, like maybe I ranted and raved too much about nothing, but it was truly therapeutic for me. Feeling on the fringe of depression again and writing about my past struggles with it reminded me what I went through as well as reinforced my desire to remain committed to my dependance on the Lord and nothing else.

The journey feels long and this road is hard, but somehow I know He’s carrying me through. If with my trouble, I can experience and own even a few of these things, I will remain grateful to have had the trouble in the first place.


~ by hthr on July 18, 2006.

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