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I’ve come to realize that a lot of people are checking out our website, something I thought might last for a month or so and then fade. WOW! You’re still checking us out! THANKS!

Since you’re still out there, can I ask you a favor?

Can you please pray about the sale of our house when you think of it? It would provide us so much closure to Florida and the ability to live a bit more stress-free (just a bit!).

Our realtor explained to us that last year, there were 1600 houses for sale in Manatee County. Currently, there are 1800 houses in our county for sale AND vacant – that number does not include houses for sale and lived in. Wow. We know and believe, however, that our God is not limited by numbers or buyers or markets!! He has led this change in our lives and continues to lead us here into opportunities & relationships. We feel confident beyond words that we are in His care and are following His will for our family. Selling the house is a big step in making this change final and allowing us to mentally and financially move on.

Because we trust fully in the Lord’s perfect timing, we are not losing sleep over this house sale. In the same breath, I will ask you for your prayers for His favor on the sale of our house. We know it’s coming and we pray it will be soon.

If you would, please also pray for our friends, Dan & Gina Trippie. They are in the VERY SAME situation – they moved here the same week Brian did – and they also have a house for sale in Florida. Dan & Gina are the children’s ministers at our church and we need to cover them in prayer for their home sale as well. Rest assured that neither of our families is angry or nervous. We are learning continually of the Lord’s care and he is reminding us that He is in control. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

We thank you for your prayers!!


~ by hthr on June 7, 2006.

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