My Happy Birthday

Brian & the girls treated me to a wonderful birthday today. They surprised me with a couple cool gifts, both of which I really wanted – a silver band engraved with each of their initials and a new bag for my camera! Being surprised in & of itself is a big deal at our house. I’m not sure Brian could keep a gift a secret if his life depended on it. Maybe…but not for sure. He gets so excited to give a gift – I’ve never seen anything like it. OK – I don’t mind it TOO much – I usually get something early. Sometimes its like a week before, or a couple days. Definitely the day before. Ok – I give up. I got a present yesterday. He couldn’t wait, and I figured, “why not?” He took us to dinner at Carrabba’s tonight, we did a little shopping, and headed on home for some couch time. I received email and phone calls from family & friends all over – even my brother in the Netherlands surprised me with an email! I felt so special today.

While we were shopping, Avery found a mirror and started dancing. Literally, everyone in the store stopped shopping and started watching her. It was by far the funniest and cutest thing I have ever seen her do in public. She was in her own little world and noticed no one around her. Then she stopped and make her daddy the proudest man in Tennessee…She said, “That was my Buccaneer’s dance!” and kept right back with it. Oh, his heart could just melt. That is something I will lock in my memory. It was pure fun.

~ by hthr on June 5, 2006.

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