Psalm 63 begins, “God – You’re my God! I can’t get enough of you!” My Bible tells me David wrote this while he was out in the wilderness. I love this because David is out by himself with the Lord and having the best time praising Him for times both good and bad.

Sometimes we cry out to God when we’re alone, feeling a bit deserted, maybe tending to focus with a bit more intensity. I know so many ‘Crisis Christians’ – they’re fine on their own until something comes undone in their lives and thats the week you’ll find them in the church pew or calling their most religious of acquaintances for advice. Oh I’m not judging! I’ve been there! And yes, there is a difference I believe in drawing closer to God when times are tough. scary. uncertain. but what happens afterwards – when the storm is passed, your questions answered, discrepancies ironed out and conflict resolved? Is it back to a ho hum life with God in the backseat and you as the driver? How does that work?

I think God yearns to reveal Himself to us, and I’d venture to guess that most Christians desire to know what He wills for us. But surrendering to His will – is that a different story? What does a surrendered life look like, exactly? A lot of people live in fear that if they did what they thought God wanted them to do they would have to sell all their worldly possessions and pack up a few pair of underwear, tshirts and sandals and head for the furthest corner of the world. God doesn’t call us to something that will make us miserable. That doesn’t mean He won’t use uncomfortable circumstances to teach us a few things, but certainly He won’t put the right man in the wrong job or vice-versa, will He?

Many of us want to please the Lord and we don’t know how. Thou shalt not kill, lie, commit adultery, or gossip. Yeah, ok, but how can I take it a step further than that? I really contemplated this heavily on Sunday. What is the purpose for my own life? What am I really here to accomplish for the Lord? My desire is to live out loud – take away the barriers and privacy fences in my life – and just be real for a change. Just be honest. That does not mean that the nuts and bolts of my life are to be billboarded around town – not at all. But what good are we – how effective are we – if when people talk to us, they know we love Jesus but those other layers of ourselves? Well – they aren’t privy to that! NO! We can’t just hand people a Bible and wish them good luck finding the answer they need! Life is a journey to be shared. That doesn’t mean you should have as many friends as you can possibly gather – that means there are people who need to hear from you when they are hurting and scared and know that you have survived – and most importantly, HOW you survived. And when you’re struggling, don’t be so proud that you can’t seek a friend. Sometimes we have the most trouble to just shut up and listen.

The visual in my head is this for my life as I seek to know what God has willed for me: I want to be as David in the wilderness and screaming “God, YOU’RE MY GOD! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOU!!!!” and on whatever path He leads me, I pray I will please Him and that He will just break out in cartwheels over me!

Thirsty (Chris Rice)

I’m so thirsty, I can feel it
Burning through the furthest corners of my soul
Deep desire, can’t describe this
Nameless urge that drives me somewhere
Though I don’t know where to go

Seems I’ve heard about a River from someone who’s been
And they tell me once you reach it, oh, you’ll never thirst again
So I have to find the River, somehow my life depends on the River
Holy River, I’m so thirsty

Other waters I’ve been drinkin’
But they always leave me empty like before
Satisfaction, all I’m askin’
Could I really feel this thirsty if there weren’t something more?

I’m on the shore now of the wildest River
And I kneel and beg for mercy from the sky
But no one answers, I’ve gotta take my chances
‘Cause something deep inside me’s cryin’
“This is why you are alive!”

So I plunge into the River with all that I am
Praying this will be the River where I’ll never thirst again
I’m abandoned to the River
And now my life depends on the River
Holy River, I’m so thirsty


~ by hthr on April 25, 2006.

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